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E. M. Bounds On Prayer

Taken from the book... The Complete Works of E.M. Bounds

Book cover: The Complete Works of E.M. Bounds

Prayer Opens Up Divine Resources

The man (or woman) who truly prays, gets from God many things denied to the prayerless (person).  The aim of all real praying is to get the thing prayerd for, as the child's cry for bread has for its end the getting of bread.  This view removes prayer clean out of the sphere of religious performances.  Prayer is not acting a part or going through religious motions. 

The object of asking is to receive.  The aim of seeking is to find.  The purpose of knocking os to arouse attention and get in, and this is Christ's repeated assertion, that the prayer without doubt will be answered, its end without doubt secured.  Not by some round about way, but by getting the very thing asked for.

The value of prayer does not lie in the numbers of prayers, or the length of prayers, but its value is found in the great truth that we are privileged by our relations to God to unburden our desires and make our requests known to God, and He will relieve by granting our petitions.